A One Of A Kind Venue

Noble Perth started with the idea of bringing a high quality, entirely plant-based restaurant that brings both new and familiar flavours to the general public in a warm, friendly, and modern looking venue. 


Behind the scenes we work with suppliers, makers, and company representatives to ensure our products are ethically sourced, environmentally responsible and always free from animals products.


We believe that we need to shift the way we think about our consumption and lifestyles for the future of our society, and we set to achieve this without compromising the enjoyment of good food, drinks and atmosphere.

See more about our initiatives below to learn how Noble is truly a one-of-a-kind venue in Perth!



What Makes Us Different


Through your support we are able to offer monthly donations to some of the amazing charities that support people, animals and the environment.

We offer $1 per bill over $20 which accumulates over the month and can be seen growing on our number counter which sits atop the front display cabinet. 


Partnering up with the City of Subiaco's newly introduced Food Organics Recycling scheme, we are able to divert 1000s of kilograms of food scraps and waste away from landfill every year, and into a commercial composting plant. This then gets broken down and reused as fertilizer and soil conditioner for local gardens and farms.


Another way in which we seek to become even more environmentally conscious is by select our appliances to have minimal environmental footprints and reduce ongoing power consumption. For example, our barista coffee machine by Victoria Arduino has a 23% reduction in its power usage and environmental impact compared to other units in the same category.
It's an ongoing commitment of ours to responsibly manage environmental impacts, and we are continuously reviewing and improving on processes and systems.  


As a modern progressive business we believe in equal opportunities, respect, and fair treatment. 

As a way to show our commitment and support of that, we are registered with ACON's Welcome Here Project, which shows that LGBTIQ+ diversity is welcomed and celebrated within our business.

We are an inclusive and safe place for everybody.

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